Skyscraper Climber Dies After Falling from 68th Floor of Hong Kong Residential Complex

A French daredevil, who has amassed quite a following online by engaging in extreme sports, was found dead after falling off the 68-story Hong Kong residential building. Remi Lucidi, 30, known by his online moniker Remi Enigma, fell off the Tregunter Tower complex and died instantly. The daredevil reportedly attempted to climb the building when he lost his footing and died.

Mr. Lucidi began climbing structures and buildings worldwide to snap photographs of his stunts and gained quite a following on social media in recent years. He regularly posted videos of himself posing in precarious positions at the top of skyscrapers, bridges, and even cranes. In addition, he often took to the skies in a helicopter to capture footage of his adventures.

The daredevil was reportedly climbing the Tregunter Tower complex in the city’s upscale Mid-Levels district when he lost his grip and fell off the 68th floor. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police are still trying to figure out what happened. According to reports, Mr. Lucidi entered the building around 6 pm to visit a friend on the 40th floor. A security guard reportedly tried to detain him but was unsuccessful.

The alleged climber reportedly forced the door open and climbed the stairs to reach the complex’s roof, which is located on the 68th floor. Security footage later showed him arriving at the 49th floor, then taking the stairs to the 68th floor. Those pursuing the daredevil reported seeing him tap on the penthouse window and startling a maid, who called the police.

Security footage revealed that the unfortunate man had made it to the 68th floor but lost his footing and fell. A woman inside the penthouse at the time of his death reported hearing a knock on the window frantically and then seeing him disappear from view. The woman immediately called the police, who arrived but could not rescue him.

The daredevil was also seen on video footage attempting to cling to the side of the structure to break a window to get to safety. The footage shows him trying to scream, but his voice is not audible. A witness said the man had been wearing a helmet and appeared drunk. The hostel’s owner, where he stayed in the country, remembered him as friendly and humble. He described him as ‘healthy and fit’ and ‘happy-faced.’ He added that he felt sad about the incident and expressed condolences to the deceased’s family.

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