Missing Crypto Influencer Found Murdered, Body Parts Found In Suitcase

The body of a missing crypto billionaire found chopped up in a suitcase has sent shockwaves across the community. According to New York Post, the macabre case came to light after a group of children discovered the red suitcase filled with human parts while playing by a stream in Argentina. The child’s parents informed the police, who inspected the package and found Mr. Algaba’s forearms and legs inside. They also discovered another whole arm nearby the water body. The victim’s body was found to have been cleanly chopped up, suggesting the handiwork of a professional, as per the outlet.

The self-made millionaire, who flaunted his lavish lifestyle on social media, had reportedly flown to Argentina for a week-long trip. He was supposed to return the keys to his rented apartment in Ingeniero Budge on July 19 but has yet to return. Initially, his family feared the worst and desperately searched for him.

Fernando Perez Algaba, who owned a luxury car rental company and was involved in cryptocurrency trading, earned his wealth by renting cars and selling them on the resale market. He had more than one million followers on Instagram, where he frequently uploaded photos and videos of himself driving various luxurious vehicles.

According to reports, the entrepreneur faced financial problems and accumulated debts. The Argentine authorities have investigated his death, and his brother Rodolfo revealed that the businessman had accumulated debts worth about $1.5 million, including 900,000 Argentine pesos in bounced checks and 1.2 million pesos owed to banks.

He was suspected of being killed over his debts, and many others in the crypto world have echoed similar speculations. In late 2022, there was a spate of mysterious and unexplained deaths of notable crypto billionaires such as MakerDAO co-founder Nikolai Mushegian, crypto broker Javier Biosca, Amber Group co-founder Tiantian Kullander, Russian crypto investor Vyacheslav Taran and central Bithumb shareholder Park Mo.

These deaths have caused wild theories in the crypto world, with some people arguing that they had unresolved issues from their past lives that finally caught up to them. Others have argued that these people may have been targeted and eliminated due to their enormous wealth and influence in the community. The gruesome discovery of the dismembered body of Fernando Algaba is a sad reminder that success and wealth in the crypto world can come with a considerable price tag. The incident has sparked outrage in the crypto community, and many have called for justice to be served. It is hoped that the authorities will find the real culprit and that this horrendous crime will serve as a warning for the future.

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