UFO Enigma: Mexican Congress Explores Reports of Alien Bodies in Special Hearing

Mexican lawmakers heard testimony that “we are not alone” in the universe and saw the alleged remains of non-human beings. The extraordinary hearing marked the Latin American country’s first congressional event on UFOs.

Journalist and long-time UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan brought two artifacts he claimed were the corpses of extraterrestrials to politicians in Mexico City on Tuesday. He told the audience they were found near the Nazca Lines in Peru 2017. The stuffed figures have three fingers on each hand and elongated heads, resembling Hollywood movie star ET. Maussan presented the specimens in transparent containers, allowing people to look closer.

The alleged alien bodies underwent several tests, including carbon-14 dating and X-rays. Despite the results, scientists don’t believe that the two calcified objects are evidence of anything other than an odd curiosity. “It’s a fascinating case, but it’s not evidence of extraterrestrial life,” said Julieta Fierro, who leads a group of researchers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s physics institute.

Fierro says the results of the X-rays are contradictory, with one part of the object appearing lighter than the other. She says that more sophisticated equipment is needed to determine the actual age of the specimens. She says that if the objects are indeed from an unidentified origin, they’re much older than the estimated 1,000 years that Maussan claims.

While the presentation has generated a wave of interest in the topic, it must be more conclusive. Several people are skeptical and wonder why the findings were released before being published in a scientific paper.

The hearing was organized by a congressman from President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s Morena party and also included comments from former Navy pilot Ryan Graves. Graves testified earlier this year that the government has been keeping a secret on UAP sightings. He also spoke about his own experiences as a fighter pilot.

The hearing above followed on the heels of a US congressional session in which a former Air Force intelligence officer claimed that his government has been aware of UFO activity since the 1930s. Like the Mexican one, that event was met with a mix of surprise, disbelief, and ridicule. NASA is set to discuss the findings of a study on Thursday that could shed more light on the topic. That research was triggered by the discovery of the so-called Oumuamua asteroid, which is believed to have come from outside our solar system and is the first known alien object to enter our vicinity. Scientists say it’s not proof of aliens’ existence, but it shows that a space body can travel far from its origin. It is thought to have been on its way toward the Milky Way when it entered our system in 2017. This is not the first time Maussan has made such claims. He has presented five other alleged alien findings from Peru that were later debunked.

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