Nothing Phone 2 Charging Cable Has Semi-Transparent Design

With the launch of the Nothing Phone (2) on July 11, all eyes are currently on the next-generation device from the company. The first-generation Nothing phone significantly impacted users because of its unique design approach, and people are now curious to know what the next version has in store for them. Although the company hasn’t officially revealed many details about the new device, it has given out some teasers on its social media accounts. One of the latest teasers posted by the company’s CEO, Carl Pei, reveals that the charging cable for the Nothing Phone 2 will have a semi-transparent design. This aligns with the company’s signature design approach and looks pretty cool.

The new cable design will have a silver-colored finish, with the USB Type-C port getting a transparent outer shell. The cable also has a ‘Nothing’ branding, which will come in the same white color provided with the Nothing Phone 1.

The new cable will also have reverse charging support, allowing users to charge their wearables through the device. This will be an essential addition because the first-generation Nothing phone didn’t ship with a charger.

Pei also teased the new charging cable’s design in a movie he shared on his Twitter account. The movie shows the cable with a semi-transparent outer shell that reveals the metal connector inside. The company has also added a dot-matrix style NOTHING printed on the cable, similar to its other products’ designs.

Some of the other fundamental changes that we can expect to see on the Nothing Phone 2 include an updated glyph light setup. The LED strip around the wireless charging coil and the camera has been broken up into more petite strips, which could allow for more customization options. This is a move that should help the phone stand out in a market where many devices look very similar to each other.

The new Nothing Phone 2 is expected to have a better processor, a faster GPU, and a better battery life. It will also offer a more polished software experience, which should help the device stand out from its competition. According to Inverse, the new Nothing OS will be more distinct and have multiple features unavailable on other devices. The new phone will debut in the US later this year, and it will compete with smartphones from brands like Apple, Samsung, and Google.

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