Introducing the Pulse Explore Wireless Earbuds and Elite Wireless Headset

Sony’s latest gaming hardware — the Pulse Explore wireless earbuds and Elite wireless headset — are getting release dates, which is excellent news for anyone eagerly waiting to upgrade their audio experience while playing. According to an update on Sony’s PlayStation Blog, the Pulse Explore earbuds will be out on December 6, while the Elite wireless headphones will hit stores worldwide on February 21, 2024. Both devices follow a similar PS5 white-and-black theme. They will be initially launched in the US and some other European countries before slowly rolling out globally over the following months.

These headphones and earbuds are the first gaming wearables from Sony that feature custom-designed planar magnetic drivers. It’s a technology that can usually be found in high-end audiophile listening equipment, and the company says it can deliver an “audiophile-level” listening experience when used with compatible PS5 games.

The earbuds will also be equipped with integrated microphones to pick up sounds and voice commands, making them easy to use while playing. They’ll also support PlayStation’s new 3D Audio functionality, which will enable gamers to hear audio cues that can add a sense of depth and distance to their gaming experience.

Both the Pulse Explore earbuds and Elite headset will work with PlayStation’s new proprietary audio technology called PlayStation Link, which is set to launch alongside the PlayStation Portal handheld gaming device that launches in November. It’s a proprietary wireless connection technology that aims to deliver low latency, lossless audio, and seamless switching between devices like the earbuds and the Portal.

To pair the earbuds with your PS5 console, you’ll need a USB adapter that will be included in the box of the earbuds. Once you have it, you can connect it to the device via PlayStation Link and even a Bluetooth-supported mobile phone. This allows you to take calls, chat with teammates, and listen to music while you play.

The Elite wireless headphones are different in that they feature an over-the-ear design and a built-in boom mic that can be flipped up when not in use. They’ll be available to buy in the same markets as the Pulse Explore earbuds, but they’ll also include the USB adapter in the box.

Preorders for the earbuds and the headset are available starting November 9 before their December 6 release. So, if you plan to pick up the PlayStation Portal and upgrade your audio experience, these are the only two Sony personal audio devices that will work with it. And, for those who have already preordered the handheld, you’ll need to wait until its November 15 release date to use it with these audio accessories. Until then, you can still use your wired headphones or built-in speakers with the Portal.

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