Finding the Right Industrial Space for Your Business

Finding the ideal industrial space for your business in Singapore is no easy fate. And this can be attributed to the high costs and land scarcity in this part of the world. Aside from taking rental costs and the quality of the industrial space into consideration, you also need to look into the different industrial property class types before closing the deal.

Fret not, though, since we are here to help ensure you seal the right deal for your business in Singapore. In this blog post, we take you through a few surefire hacks for finding the right industrial space for your business hassle-free.

Define Your Needs?

Before commencing your search, it always pays off to determine why you want to rent the industrial space in the first space. This decision will certainly help you settle on the ideal type of industry property class in Singapore. Do you want to take up B2 industrial for rent services? Maybe you prefer B1 industrial space rental services?

B2 industrial for rent space is caters for businesses in industries handling heavier and bigger machinery, such as manufacturing, machine repair, engineering, construction, and production, to mention a few.

Things tend to be different with B1 industrial space for rent as it includes offices linked to industrial facilities. In most cases, it is leased to businesses in utilities, warehousing, and telecommunication industries. So, understand your business industrial space rental needs before deciding on anything.


You can never find a B2 industrial for rent space near residential or urban areas. After all, most businesses that handle heavy machinery tend to produce more sound and pollution. Moreover, these spaces tend to have a lot of restrictions in place and highly subjected to specific uses only. ]

Although this complicates your search for an industry property with good accessibility further, solutions like offering company transportation to and from the nearest MRT station can serve you perfectly.

In the event that your business is able to rent B1 industrial spaces, then it would be better to consider looking for an industrial property situated in allocation that’s easily reachable to benefit both your employees and the company, for instance.

Other factors worth considering when in dire need of the best industrial space for rent in Singapore include size, layout, flexibility, and age of the said industrial property, to mention a few.

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