Elon Musk’s Private Photo of Amber Heard in Video Game Cosplay Goes Viral

In a recently shared image on the social media site X (formerly Twitter), Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shares an exciting photo of his ex-girlfriend and Hollywood actress Amber Heard. In the picture, Heard is dressed as a character from the video game Mercy and looks pretty serious about her role-playing. The post has received positive reactions from fans.

The picture shows Heard in a head-to-toe white costume that has wings, a bodysuit, and even a golden halo above her head. She also has a tan and blonde hairstyle to match the outfit. Heard has been working hard on her role as Mercy, and she does look the part. It’s no wonder the picture is getting so much attention from fans.

Heard and Musk dated on and off for about a year in 2017 following Ms Heard’s divorce from Johnny Depp. They broke up for a bit and then decided to give their relationship another shot. However, the second time around was not a charm for the couple, and they eventually split up in 2018, as per various reports.

While together, the couple often stepped out for romantic dinner dates and loved hanging out in Malibu. In fact, according to a source who spoke to PEOPLE, Heard made Musk “noticeably happier” after she started dating him. The same source added that Heard was also “not afraid to be bold and take risks” with her style, which fascinated Musk.

But despite their happiness, the two were not without their problems. According to the biography, Musk’s brother, Kimball, hated Heard and likened her to the Joker from Batman. Musk’s chief of staff, Sam Teller, was equally damaging and called her a nightmare girlfriend. “She is beautiful, no question, but she’s toxic,” he says in the book. “She doesn’t have a goal other than chaos; she thrives on destabilizing everything.”

The biography notes that Heard was among the few who could calm Musk down. However, she did not always appreciate his need to work long hours and often complained that she was tired of his ‘always-on’ attitude. In addition, she was irked by his habit of ignoring her and often left messages in the middle of the night asking for help with his projects. Ultimately, their lack of compatibility and ‘different perspectives’ led to the breakup.

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